Part 1: Executive Summary

Compose an executive summary introducing ELL families to the purpose of the resource list for families with ELL children. This will serve as an inviting, engaging, purposeful introduction to the resources you have provided them.

Part 2: Providing Families Support – Resource List

Review resources for ELL families. Discern between various ELL and cultural support programs to meet the various needs of the individual ELLs by creating a list of resources for families with ELL children. Include the following:

Five organizations, associations, or community resources for ELL support and information.

Five age or grade level appropriate resources to better understand the social-emotional development of ELL students. Select the age range or grade level from your field experience site.

Five strategies to implement at home to promote literacy development.

Five accessible technological tools/apps to promote literacy development.

For each resource, list the title and URL or contact information.

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