equality of opportunity when applied to the economy

Reaction Paper Questions

1. Hobbes said that anarchy would result in a situation in which life would be “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.” Do you agree? Is it realistic, at all, to envision having no government? Why would life with no government, no obligations, and unlimited freedom be so negative?

1.A major example of using a procedural definition of equality is the concept of equality of opportunity when applied to the economy. What does this concept mean? Is the United States really a land of equal opportunity? What are the obstacles to equality of opportunity in the United States? Should the government do more or do less, or is it doing the right amount to reduce these obstacles?

2.What role has the media traditionally played in expanding or contracting Americans’ Civil Rights?  How has the media helped or hindered civil rights in today’s environment?

3. How important is the “temperament” (in your opinion) of the person occupying the Oval Office?

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