Epidemiology Policy

You are required to write a page transcript and 1-2 slides of content that is very visual and only have 20 typed words maximum for a five – seven minutes voice thread presentation for the following, see details:

Same topic should carry you through all three assignments. This assignment is third/FINAL and the other two completed assignments are attached with feedback from the instructor; please note that the

An ‘Elevator Pitch’-style presentation using VoiceThread. Imagine that you are riding in an elevator with an influential player in global health (e.g. Margaret Chen, Bill Gates, the president of the World Bank). This person, seeing your ID badges, turns to you and asks for your opinion on what to invest in next.

You’ve got your iPad with you. What will you say? You will prepare a 5-minute “elevator pitch” to “sell” your prioritized list of no more than 4 actionable steps to maximize the strengths, minimize weaknesses, leverage the opportunities and mitigatehe threats based on the results of a SWOT analysis. Your entire presentation is only 1-2 slides of content and up to 2 minutes of audio! The slide should be very visual and only have 20 typed words maximum. Try and use infographics, images and figures to emphasize your points!

Please note that both previous assignments lacked appropriate guidance and missed two major portions as instructed; attached please see the information including the feedback received with scoring on the papers. You will have to read all of them and prepare the right transcript and 1-2 slides for this third assignment.

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