ENMT322 Occupational Health and Safety 2

ENMT322 Occupational Health and Safety 2

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ENMT322 Occupational Health and Safety 2

Week 2 Assignment

Chemical Hazard Identification and Assessment

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) hazard communication standard (HCS), also known as the “employee right-to-know” standard, is found at 29 CFR 1910.1200 of the general industry standards and incorporated into the construction standard at 29 CFR 1926.59.This standard requires all employers to develop a written program addressing labeling and warning requirements, safety data sheets (SDSs) and employee training on hazardous materials. The standard also requires employers to develop and maintain a list of all hazardous substances in the workplace.

Typically, the first step to hazard identification and assessment is looking at the physical inventory of chemicals used in the workplace.  If no inventory exists at your workplace, then it will be up to you to gather the necessary information.

•             Part A (20 points):  Students will need to collect information for one to threechemical product(s) used at their workplace.  The following information should be gathered and documented in a table format:

Product Name; ID Number; Manufacturer’s Name and Address; Manufacturer’s Telephone Number; SDS on file (Y/N)?

If the SDS is on file, be sure to get a copy for your records.  If not, then you will need to research the internet for that information.  The information found on the SDS will be used in Part B of this assignment.

Describe how the chemical product is used in the workplace (including application method, amounts used, personal protective equipment used, any other existing controls in place).

*If your workplace appears to have no chemical products, look for portable fire extinguishers, cleaning supplies, sanitizers, paint cans, compressed gases, or other substances not necessarily used by employees, but nevertheless, present in the workplace. Pesticides, foods, drugs, alcohol beverages and other items listed in 29 CFR 1910.1200(b) are not regulated by OSHA, but are regulated by other federal agencies, and cannot be used in this assignment because they are subject to different labelling and information standards.  If nothing in your workplace meets the acceptable criteria, contact the instructor for acceptable alternatives.

**For students who are not currently employed, contact the instructor for alternative avenues.

•             Part B (30 pts):For one chemical product, summarize the information provided on the Safety Data Sheet on the table format attached to this assignment.  Submit one full electronic copy of your SDS with the assignment; submitting just an URL will not acceptable and will result in complete loss of points.

•             Part C (50 pts):  Using the online version of the CDC’s NIOSH Pocket Guide, research the ingredients and complete the remaining information associated with exposure to the chemical.

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