Employee Training and Development Plan

Attached, you will find two job descriptions. One is for an Human Resources Assistant and the other one is for a Manager, Employment Services. Using these job descriptions, you will create an employee development and training plan for the person to move from the position of the Human Resources Assistant to the Manager of Employment Service.

The team will then collectively develop a plan to help this individual attain this position. Some of the items you want to consider, but of course not limited to, are the following:

1) the benefits of the plan

2) timelines

3) tools needed

4) how you will measure success

5) how does this align with the organization’s goals

7) evaluate whether you will use the plan as the sole weighting for promoting and determining the eligibility of employees for opportunity to move forward at work

8) consider the various aspects of employment law

Please note that while is a list of things I would like you to consider, if you deem other items necessary – please do so. This can only have a positive affect on your grade. Bring forth the concepts gained throughout the course.

Cite any sources according to APA formatting guidelines.

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