1.Of the 3 different types of hearing loss, which is most difficult to aid (correct with surgery or technology such as hearing aids)?

2.Give some examples of assistive technology that might be used in an EC classroom to assist a child with a hearing loss. (3 points) and what is your role in working with a teacher of hearing impaired or sign language interpreter in an inclusion setting. (1 pt)

3.Billy is in the first grade in your classroom. He has an IEP because he has been identified as having a significant hearing loss that will impact his performance in the classroom. He has a sensori neural hearing loss and has cochlear implants. When the implants are on, he can hear most speech sounds and can communicate verbally, but sometimes he talks very quietly and does not hear sounds at the low end of the hearing threshold. What areas of the curriculum will be most impacted by his hearing loss? What would you need to know from the teacher of the hearing impaired that is serving as an itinerant teacher to Billy? (5pts)

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