E-Business Plan and Presentation

Resources: For content requirements of this business plan, use the University of Phoenix Material: Working Schedule for E-Business Plan found in Week Eight of the student website.

Complete an E-Business Plan for the company you selected in Week Three. This plan and analysis must include a minimum of eight peer-reviewed sources, be formatted consistent with APA guidelines, and be at least 2,800 words.

Combine the sections of your E-Business Plan from previous weeks’ work and include the executive summary, conclusions, and recommendations as Part 6. Although the executive summary is written this week, include it first in your E-Business Plan. Be sure all required areas of the plan are discussed in sufficient detail.

Prepare a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation for an audience of venture capitalists. This presentation should not exceed 12 slides and must include speaker notes that outline the key points of the E-Business Plan. It is acceptable to use information directly from your E-Business Plan, but you must adapt it so that it is an appropriate presentation for the audience.

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