Micro Issue: Disney World in Paris Losing Money

I). Problem

A. Problem/Issue

· Disney World Paris has been losing money for the last 22 years of it existence (when did it open? 1-2 sentences)

B. Contributing Factors and Background Information

· Visitors to the park have never met the 15 million projected number required for it to make profits

· The company underestimated the cost of employing French employees in France

· Most of the home countries of the European visitors have been facing issues with recession (Spain, France, and Italy)

· It was positioned wrongly

· French are slow to embrace something that is not French in nature (maybe not only statistics, use some quotes to show evidence)

II). Possible solutions or alternatives

A. Option 1

· Ask for rescue investment from the parent company

1. Benefits

· Would bail the company out of its debt

· Would improve the structures to attract more visitors

· Would improve the overall performance of the park

2. Cost/Negative Consequences

· There would be no guarantee that the performance would turn around for the better

· The park would be a burden for the parent company

B. Option 2

· Advertise the park across Europe more

1. Benefits

· Would likely increase the visitors

· Would increase the awareness of the park in the target market

· Would likely increase revenue

· Would promote profitability

2. Costs/Negative Consequences

· There is no guarantee that it would work

· It would not address the culture issue involved

· Would not deal with the root location issue of the Disney World in the European market

III). Recommendation

· A combination of option 1 and 2

Unit 2 Assignment: Business Case Study

2.5-3.5 pages single-spaced or 5-7 pages double-spaced

For this assignment, you will identify a problem or issue in business or economics that you will analyze in a clear, succinct, cogent report. You may choose to focus on a small, localized business problem (micro), a larger corporate issue (micro), or a larger economic issue of national scale (macro). Your analysis should include a detailed discussion of the problem/issue, an analysis of 2-3 possible solutions or alternatives— including a cost/benefit analysis for each possible alternative—and a final recommendation that includes an implementation strategy.

Your report should be organized according to the outline below:

I. Problem

A. State the problem or issue

B. Discuss the most important contributing factors and provide necessary background information

II. Possible solutions or alternatives (2-3 possible options)

A. Option 1

1. Benefits

2. Cost/Negative Consequences

B. Option 2

1. Benefits

2. Costs/Negative Consequences

C. Option 3

1. Benefits

2. Costs/Negative Consequences

III. Recommendation

Select one solution and describe in greater detail. If it is a course of action, you should provide a specific implementation strategy with specific steps to take.

A. Discuss solution in greater detail

B. Provide an implementation strategy

1. Tactic/specific step to take

2. Tactic/specific step to take

3. Tactic/specific step to take

**If you feel that the outline above does not fit your topic, talk to me about it. We might be able to figure out a different outline that works for your topic, but you must approve it with me in your outline workshop before writing your rough draft.

Grading Criteria: An “A” Paper Will Do the Following Things:

Provide a clear, succinct, and sophisticated analysis

Balance larger ideas with specific evidence/facts

Include all elements provided in the outline above

Use headings to break up information

Meet the page length requirement

Be well organized and easy to read and understand

Avoid excessive wordiness and utilize clear, succinct, professional style

Avoid awkward, confusing, and/or difficult phrasing

Demonstrate that you have analyzed and addressed the major aspects of the issue

Adhere to the principles of grammar, punctuation, and style we have covered in class

Avoid typos

*Use at least five credible sources (popular or scholarly) and use a formal in-text citation of Chicago-Style endnotes.

Possible Aspects of Your Topic to Analyze if Doing a Micro Issue

*If you choose a macro issue, then this list probably won’t apply.


Regulations & Laws

Wage/Labor Costs

Price (and demand)

Supply (and demand)

Hiring Practices

HR Issues

Security Issues

Technological Issues

Employee Motivational Strategies

Marketing Strategies

Business Model Changes (Expansion/Contraction/Alteration)

Time Output

Resource Output

Startup Costs

Sustainability (Can you continue this and for how long?)

Customer/Client Demographics

Competitor Appeal and/or Practices

The Existing Market Situation

Corporate Culture

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