Cultural Learning/Bias Challenge Project

a. Participate in a computer-based assessment that is an examination of one’s biases. The assessment can be found online at: When you get to the homepage, select “Go!” on the left side under “Project Implicit Social Attitudes” (select United States for your guest login option). Then select “I wish to proceed” at the bottom of the next page. Select two IAT from the list that you think may reveal two of your biases and is related to ethnicity, culture, religion, gender, age or race: Skin-tone, Asian, Arab-Muslim, Race, or Native. After taking a test and filling out a series of questions, you will get your results.

Keep the results seed to me

b. Next, challenge your bias by immersing yourself in a cultural setting that will allow you to interact with members of a cultural group (or any group) you identified in your assessment test OR a cultural group (or any group) you would like to learn more about (e.g. African American church service, Asian American cultural event, Native American Pow Wow, Islamic Mosque service, etc.). If you are uncertain about the appropriateness of a particular setting or event, discuss your choice with the professor to ensure it will meet the project objectives. You may also think of other ways to challenge your biases and this is fine. Just clear them with me ahead of time.

Write a 6-page double-spaced report about: a) the bias assessment test, b) your experience in the cultural setting, and c) interactions you had with others in the new cultural setting. In your paper, answer the following: what are your cultural biases and why do you think you have these biases? Why did you choose to take the test you did, and do you feel the test was accurate, why or why not? How did you feel immersing yourself in an unfamiliar cultural setting? What did you learn about yourself from the assignment? What did you learn about the cultural group you met with? How will you continue to challenge your biases and/or learn about different cultural groups in the future? What surprised you most about your biases? What is the most profound thought, feeling or idea that you took away from this experience? Your paper MUST address all of these questions for full points. One page will be your title page and one page is your bibliography, so you should have 4 pages of actual text. (don’t forget to turn in your bias assessments with your paper) APA formatting with intext citations. Use FOUR scholarly, peer reviewed sources to back up what you saw and learned. Don’t forget to CITE!!! Your citation should match your bibliography. This is a simple assignment and as upper division students you should be able to do this.

Just tell me what you did and how you did it. Did you visit a church? Synagogue? Chinese New Year Celebration? Native American Pow Wow or ceremony? Buddhist Temple? Olvera Street? Pan African Center? Museum? Dream center? The options are endless.

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