Creative advertisment

Develop an effective creative brief constructed from the unit’s template
(Session 3.1 and Exhibit 9.14 on page 191 of the text) or academic research. This
will involve – if using the unit’s template – determining:
a. What is the product? (part Session 2.2 Situation Analysis – Historical context)
b. Who/What is the Competition? (Session 2.2 Situation Analysis – Competitor
c. Who are we talking to? (Session 2.1 Segmentation and Session 2.2 Objectives)
d. What consumer need or problem requires addressing? (Session 2.2 – Market
and Industry analysis also 2.1 Consumer Behaviour/STP)
e. What does the consumer currently think about us? (requires research)
f. What one thing do we want them to believe? (part Session 3.1 Message
Objectives and Strategies)
g. What can we tell them that will make them believe this? (part Session 3.1
Message Objectives and Strategies)
h. What is the tonality of the advertising? (Session 3.1 Creative Strategies)
i. Mandatories: what is compulsory? (e.g. logo, use of brand ambassador)
2. Construct and deliver an inspiring oral presentation to incite engagement
by a creative team, represented by the student audience
(D & AD 2014, “Writing a Creative Brief That Inspires”, YouTube, viewed 26 February 2018,
This assessment will demonstrate your ability to apply the important concepts,
processes and models in this unit to develop an effective Creative Brief. This
assessment also – in part – aids construction of the Situation Analysis and Objectives
requirements of Assessment 4 – Advertising Plan.
The brand or company which forms the basis of this assessment should not have been
utilised in any previous or current Marketing or Management assignment.

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