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Capstone Assessment Assignment

You are the head of a large city department serving a culturally and ethnically diverse population (including recently arrived immigrants). Your agency has also recently begun initiatives with a few of the countries from which the new immigrants arrive from.

As part of a mandatory 10 year review of your agency, an outside consultant was hired to assist in the review of your agency. The consultant conducted an initial survey of the clients of your program. The results of the survey suggest that your (and your agency’s) prior assumptions over the past several years about the population being served and their needs are very different from the actual responses given by residents.

The survey was deemed to be only a starting point (initial look) and did not attempt to determine the specific needs or areas of concern, but instead served only to let you know that you have been missing the mark for quite some time. Overall, a significant portion of the population of respondents feel as though they have been neglected (and or mistreated) by your agency.

What actions do you recommend be taken as a result of the initial consultant study? Why?

Keep in mind that if you fail to respond appropriately with a satisfactory solution(s) the chief elected official will remove you from your position as agency head.

Your answer to this Leadership assessment must incorporate the areas of the Professional Studies Core (Logic, Statistics, English, Ethics, and Global Awareness). The main body of your response must be a minimum of 2800 words (name, title page, outline, dates, salutations, bullet points/lists, long quotes, etc. do not count toward word limit).

In addition to having to effectively summarize your agency and its mission, you will be judged on…

The quality of the explanation associated with the Logic your decision is based on.

The degree/level to which you incorporate Statistics as

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