Caring for Social Research

Caring for Social Research


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Caring for Social Research

SOC 400 Topic 1 Discussion Question 1

The textbook provides three main reasons why students of sociology, social work, and justice studies should care about social research. Which of the three main reasons is the most important to you? Explain why and give one or more examples of how that reason might affect you as a researcher in the social sciences.

In addition, if all the components of research are described in the text, why do you think GCU wants you to pay special attention to the component known as ethics?

SOC 400 Topic 1 Discussion Question 2

Of the eight major methods of conducting social research described in the text, with which methods are you familiar? Whether or not you have heard of them previously, which methods (at least two) interest you now that you have read about them? Explain if those methods are applied or basic research and whether those methods are qualitative or quantitative.

SOC 400 Topic 2 Discussion Question 1

Explain why the interpretivist methodology is the best fit for observational research and ethnographical research. How does the interpretivist methodology deal with the inevitable biases that any researcher brings to his or her research?

SOC 400 Topic 2 Discussion Question 2

If you were to decide to conduct ethnographic research about Grand Canyon University, how would you go about doing this? Explain how your planned research fits the definition of ethnographic research.

SOC 400 Topic 3 Discussion Question 1

Select two of the five major modes of survey delivery method. Compare and contrast them here in the forum. To research your selected social problem, explain which type of survey delivery method would be most suitable. Explain what some of the drawbacks could be to this type of delivery method. List three types of research topics that are best suited for survey research and explain your reasoning for selecting those topics.

SOC 400 Topic 3 Discussion Question 2

Chapter 3 (pp. 95-97) of the textbook describes the positivist methodology in contrast to the interpretivist methodology that was described in Chapter 2 (pp. 26-27). In your own words, explain how these two different approaches to research differ from each other.

SOC 400 Topic 4 Discussion Question 1

Discuss the issue of compatibility as it applies to existing statistics research. What is meant by this term and in what ways should different sources of statistics be compatible with each other? Why is this important?

SOC 400 Topic 4 Discussion Question 2

In an academic journal in your major field of study (e.g., sociology or justice studies), find a report of (article about) research using existing statistics. What was the research question and where did the authors of this article get their data? Explain how you know that this research used the existing statistics method of doing research.

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