BUS599 Strategic Management 1 

BUS599 Strategic Management


BUS599 Strategic Management

Company Description and Mission Statement Attachment

Throughout this course, you will develop assignments that you will later combine into a complete business plan for your chosen company. That final assignment is due in Week 10.

You have a choice between writing a business plan for:

A snack food company.

A startup company of your choice (instructor approval required).

Read the guidelines for each option. Once you select an option, you will work on that company during this entire course.

Snack Food Company Guidelines [DOCX].

Company of Your Choice Guidelines [DOCX].

All discussions and assignments in this class will focus on the company you select and describe in the Week 1 discussion.

Your faculty member will approve your selection in a reply to your Week 1 discussion post.

This Week’s Discussion Post

For this week’s discussion, please respond to the following:

Create your company name and explain its significance.

Describe the product or service you will produce or sell.

If you are focusing on the snack food company, clarify the key ingredients and any flavors you plan to offer.

If you choose your own company, and it is a service company, clarify the service options you plan to offer.

If you choose your own company and product, specify the options (flavors, versions of the product, et cetera) you will offer to consumers.

Develop your company’s mission statement.

Enclose your mission statement within quotation marks.

Reminder: After submitting your post, watch for your faculty member’s approval in a reply to your post. You must have this approval to proceed.

Post at least one substantive comment to another student’s post.


Use headings for each section of this posting.

Textbook Chapter 5, “Company Description,” pages 67–86, provides additional detail about this topic.

You will revise this week’s discussion posting as part of your Week 3 assignment, Company Description and SWOT Matrix.

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