1. Introduction

2. Body

3. Conclusion

Other requirements:

• A firm thesis – Last sentence of introduction paragraph

• Choose two lessons that you feel were the most useful or important to you as a leader

and explain why.

• Write an essay for each of the two topics you selected.

• Explain how you will implement what you learned from the lessons when you

return to your unit.

• Describe the possible obstacles or barriers to your implementation of what you

learned and how you will overcome the obstacles or barriers.

I choose:

– “Public speaking” (Because I know, like a leader I need to know how to speak in front of

people. Before BLC my speaking skills were very bad. During class I learn a lot of helpful

stuff, like: important eye contact, body movements, use pitches on important words, we

learn 4 types of Army briefs, preparation steps…also I feel confident after my public speaking in front of my classmates……).

– “Team Building and Conflict Management” (like a future leader I should to know how to

build my team, build strong relationships between my soldiers, how resolve conflicts. We

learn different types conflicts, some of them even good for mission….)

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