Create a PowerPoint For The Topic!
Follow directions or I will dispute!!!
Topic Selection is: How common is the presence of Staph aureus?
Prepare a presentation to introduce your topic. The presentation must contain a minimum following slides.
– A title slide: Element 1
The Title Slide must have an appropriate and well-chosen background that enhances the opening of the presentation.
The color-scheme of the presentation is appropriate and visually pleasing.
*Any images-enhancements used must include a descriptive title and appropriate legend.
The font size and color choice of text is consistent and appropriate.
– Why you chose this topic-Rationale: Element 2
The rationale must address why the topic chosen is important for exploration, research and academic endeavors.
The rationale should address why the topic chosen is currently, may in the future or is of particular interest to the student.
The rationale must address why the topic chosen is of importance for the betterment of humanity.
– Background on the topic, supported by scholarly sources: Element 3
The background must source from scholarly references.
The background must provide substantial justification of its importance.
The background must directly address the topic chosen.
Correct scientific terminology must be utilized.
***You are using scholarly sources so make sure to include both properly formatted in-text citations and an APA formatted reference list. Utilize APA format.
Find and review the grade rubric for how your Project topic submission will be graded attached below.
Make sure to look over the rubric so you have everything required.

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