Benchmarking to Toyota

Select an organization that you will benchmark against Toyota while suggesting improvements to the change process.

Research Toyota Production System (TPS) and Toyota Lean Enterprise solutions-and also the team’s selected public organization that needs improvement.

Write a 700-to 1050-word paper in which you Benchmark / Baseline a Lean Enterprise organization against Toyota.

Compare and contrast your chosen organization needing improvement to Toyota that already practices lean enterprise best practice and initiatives.

Address each of the following in your paper:

Benchmark / Baseline your selected public organization needing better Lean Enterprise solutions to Toyota.
Compare and contrast the management style(s) and other operating principals within your selected organization needing improvement with Toyota’s.
What differences or similarities do the two organizations have in vision, mission, values, and/or objectives?
Describe the characteristics and best practices benchmarked for your selected organization’s lean enterprise style(s) and how they affect organizational behavior. Compare those characteristics with Toyota’s.
Evaluate how the benchmarked best practices can be integrated into your selected organization.
Explain how Benchmarking /Baselining can facilitate the change process to improve efficiency and eliminate waste.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

You need at least 3 references for full points (not three chapters from the same online text, library book / article, but four different sources).

Turnitin plagiarism report is due and worth 10% of the grade (turn your paper into Center for Writing Excellence without reference page to obtain the Plagiarism report / similarity index in return. The library will return your report as an attachment or you can cut and paste it into an MS Word Document or save as a PDF. Make sure you turn in your original paper with the reference page re-attached. You should have 10% or less similarity complex for full points…..reword long “direct quotes” to lower the percentage similarity but still give the author credit with an in-text citation.

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