Assignment: Social and Cultural Counseling

Watch the 9 minute video posted in this discussion forum. Write 1 page answering following


1. What emotions or feelings did this video stir in you? What was your reaction as people were saying derogatory things to the couples?

2. What was your reaction in the cases where someone stood up and protected the couple?

3. Not everyone came to the defense of the couples. Why do you think some people remained silent in these situations?

4. What would you do?

Week Nine Discussion:

This is one of the best videos I have ever seen related to the issue of media, gender, and body image. It is longer than previous videos (45 minutes), so please plan accordingly. Please watch this video and write 1 page discussing the following

Discuss the following:

1. Do you agree with her position on this subject, or do you think she is sensationalizing the effects of the media?

2. Why am I showing you this video? What does it have to do with counseling? What is the main point?

3. To what extent do you think the media portrayals of body image and relationships contributes to mental health issues? What mental health issues might emerge?

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