Art Class exam

1. List the 5 elements of art (basic building blocks from which 2-D designs are made)

2. List the 5 principals of design?

3. List the three main components of a work of Art?

4. How would an artist use Format’ in a composition/work of art? Explain briefly:

5. When using ‘Shape’ in design, which is 2-D and 3-D? a triangle is?: a sphere is?:

6. Name the 5 types of line we used in our ‘line dynamic’, project 1.

7. Describe what a ‘Picture Plane’ is for an artists when making their work?

8. Briefly describe what atmospheric perspective is?

9. What is the difference between a Perceptual artist versus an Conceptual artist?

10. “Cross–hatching” and “Hatching” are types of what?

11. Is “Contour line” two-dimensional or three-dimensional?

12. What is the purpose of “gesture drawing”?

13. How can an artist make a 2-D image appear 3-D?

14. When referring to a work of Art, (for example: the Sistine Chapel) explain what is the “Content versus Context”?

15. When drawing a value study for example, what is meant by the term “modeling”?

16. What is “actual” texture versus “visual” texture?

17. True or False? The narrative within an artwork is the same as the meaning behind the artwork.

18. True or False? The element of ‘Value’ is the same as ‘Positive and Negative’ in 2D design.

19. True or False? Contrast shows the differences between the elements of art.

20. True or False? “Chiaroscuro” and “Value” are used the same way when referring to the lights and darks within an artwork.

21. True or False? In 2D design, a successful composition is the combination of multiple parts into a unified and harmonious whole.

22. True or False? The use of ‘space’ in design is used to organize elements in a composition.

23. What are the primary colors?

24.What are the secondary colors?

25. What is a Triad color scheme?

26. What are the cool colors from the color wheel?

27. What are the warm colors from the color wheel?

28. Define:




29. What is a monochrome- painting, print, etc?

30. True or False? Collage is a formal work of art, mainly in the “visual arts”, made from various materials of different forms, thus creating a new whole composition.

31. What 2 famous artists were credited with using collage first?

32. True or False?

Abstraction” allows the treatment of subject matter to evolve from a purely descriptive image, to one that has no reference to the natural world.

Film questions: “Masters of Illusion”

33. Which artists below is credited with being the first to use Linear Perspective?

Leonardo da Vinci Brunelleschi Durer

34. The painting titled The Trinity, was the first painting to truly demonstrate Linear Perspective?

True or False?

35. What shape was first used to demonstrate light and shadow also referred to as “modeling” in drawing?

36. What is “Atmospheric Perspective”, and which artist discovered it?

37. What is the definition of the Italian word chiaroscuro?

38. What is anamorphic art?

39. Leoanrdo da Vinci claimed that light travels into the eye and the brain then perceives it. True or False ?

40. What is the meaning of the word “Renaissance”?

41. Albrecht Durer the German artist pioneered perspective and proportion in engraving, as well as -was the first to use “multiple perspective”. True or False?

42. In Raphael’s painting the school of Athens, who are in the painting and why?

43. What artist is credited with being the first to use ‘multiple perspective’?

44. What artist was considered to be the last of the “master” painters of the Renaissance?

BBC film More human than Human:

45. Dating back 25,000 years; what “unrealistic and grossly portrayed figure” was discovered and considered to be the first known image of the human body?

46. What was discovered in an ancient Egyptian tomb that was significant in explaining the Egyptians precision of scale when demonstrating the human figure?

47. The red stripe Herring seagull theory demonstrated that seagulls like the color red, but liked it even more if there were more red sticks. True or false?

48. The Egyptians continued to make unrealistic images of the human body. But it was about consistency and order. So for the first time, culture changed the way the body was viewed. True or false?

49. Pick answer: A. Culture or B. Brain Hardwiring – …“is in fact, the driving force behind how the human body is portrayed historically”?

50. Even in suppressed society’s, the human mind is still ‘hard-wired’ – a primeval instinct to stimulate the brain by wanting to exaggerate the human body. True or false?

Films: (Kentridge/Hopper/collage)

51Briefly describe William Kentridge’s drawing animations/short films- What is his color scheme –if any- within the films/drawings?

52. When discussing Kentridges art, briefly explain the:

. content:

. process:

. medium:

53. Where is William Kentridge from and how did it affect his art works content?

54. How does the “art scene” categorize Kentridges work, what type of art work would it be?

55. Edward Hoppers paintings hinted at the idea of there being content, narrative, and mood. So, what sense does the viewer get when looking at his paintings such as Automat or Nighthawks?

56. What important element of design did Hopper explore within his paintings, especially his interior rooms, and voyeuristic views.

57. Was Edward Hopper a part of any Art “movement” or painting group?

58. What kind of commercial art did Edward Hopper do to support himself before he became an established painter?

(Film To Death and Back.)

59. When thinking of the idea of “Death”, what can “Art” do for us as humans- who unlike animals, are well aware the one certainty in life and that is that death comes to all. Explain:

60. Historically, why did many of the civilizations such as the Moche’, and Mayans perform human sacrifices?

61. What did the two psychologist’s study using the “hot sauce”, prove about human instinct? Explain:

62. What symbol has been historically used to both reassure and comfort us, and at the same time can terrify us?

63. The oldest surviving image of “Hell” was found in what civilizations tomb:

64. There in that tomb we saw how the images are used to call people together to join a “cause” by offering them what concept or “The promise of which offers us comfort and dying in a “heroic” manner.

(Film: Wayne White, Beauty is Embarrassing.)

65. What did Wayne White mean when he said Beauty is embarrassing?

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