Application program interface

APIs are used to connect data to create new digital experiences. If we look at the IT modernization trends driving digital transformation, APIs play a critical role in all of them. Cloud projects use APIs. Software that interacts with IoT sensors uses APIs. Contextual mobile apps use APIs. Getting big data into systems to be ingested and analyzed is the task of APIs, etc.

This is group based project, each group consist of two members. The group come together to brainstorm and write project proposal. Your proposal should include following information:

1. group members’ information (i.e., student ID, last name, first name)

2. the problem domain

3. the purpose of your API

4. Your API’s potential consumer(s)

5. The technologies you would like to use to implement and your justification

6. where your API will be published and your justification

7. which API management platform you will use and your justification (can be added in the final project report)

8. Architecture of your project (can be added in the final project report)

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