Anatomy and physiology

Question one: State the difference and similarities between the two major division of the autonomic nervous system. Where do the systems stem from and what neurotransmitters do they use. Please explain and details.

Question two: please explain the general association of the visceral and somatic cells. Please discuss in detail the difference nerve preceptor, family, classes based on structure and function, locations. Explain details of the mechanical, thermal, chemical and Electromagnetic and mold of activation. Discuss the two difference between types of pain and mention difference of the first order and second order and third order neurons and how they relate with the nueronal pathways. Finally discuss the upper and lower motor neurons and they’re pathways.

Question three: discuss the olfaction special sense

Questions four: discuss gustation special sense

Question five: discussed Vision special sense along with the eye.

Questions six: discuss that auditory special sense along with the ear.

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