Analyzing activity and Summary

1. Complete the Budget Challenge activity at:

a. Keep a record of your selections and why you decided to select them and not the other options. ( keep a record of your selections in piece of paper so you can go back and reflect on your choices in your write-up. For instance, the first choice is about investments. So, on a piece of paper write down whether you selected any of the investment choices and a quick note about why you chose (for example) to spend $30B to establish a National Infrastructure Bank but didn’t select to invest in the other options.) your selections as those reflect your own personal, subjective, choices. I will grade the assignment based on whether you have provided a thoughtful written response that answers the questions posted on the instructions.

b. When you’ve finished, save your results summary page.

2. Write a 2.5+ page summary overview of your experience, discussing your budget selections and analyzing your responses. Use the following questions to guide your response, but don’t be limited by them:

a. What was challenging?

b. What was easy?

c. What do your selections say about your policy priorities and political ideologies?

** source: (Author Last Name, Year, pg.)

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