ACC 543 Business Ethics

ACC 543 Business Ethics


ACC 543 Business Ethics

The _______ of business consists of expectations that the community imposes on firms doing business inside its borders.
Multiple Choice

social responsibility
legal positivism

Acme Foods Inc. manufactures food products and is opening a subsidiary in United Cadvia. The firm discovers that to obtain raw materials it has to make some facilitating payments to the local officials and businesses in the host country. The second option is to import raw materials from its own country, which will be expensive in the long run. The managers at Acme are unable to decide which of the two options would be a better choice. Which of the following terms would best describe the situation Acme Foods Inc. is experiencing?
Multiple Choice

Ethical dilemma
Causal ambiguity
Moral lapse
Culture shock

The human resource policy of a company states that the company aims to treat all humans identically, regardless of race, class, gender, age, and sexual preference. Which of the following values influencing business ethics does this best illustrate?
Multiple Choice


If a business asks “would the world be a better place if everyone followed my example,” that company is following the _______.
Multiple Choice

universalization test
global inquiry test
public disclosure test
business ethics test

The _______ is also called the “television test,” for it requires us to imagine that our actions are being broadcast on national television.
Multiple Choice

universalization test
public disclosure test
golden rule test
ethical relativism test

The minimum standard to be an ethical business includes
Multiple Choice

selling a products and services below cost price.
paying employees above the minimum legal wage.
hosting foreign companies to teach them new techniques.
choosing a lawful way to compete against rival firms.

Business ethics involves the application of ethics to the special problems and opportunities experienced by
Multiple Choice

Non-profit organizations
All of these are correct.

Business leaders must be sensitive to the differences in legal guidelines in different countries for all but which of the following reasons?
Multiple Choice

The United States has different laws for different countries regarding business dealings.
Different ethical understandings prevail in different countries.
Ethical conceptions shape business law and business relationships uniquely in each country.
Ethical differences are based on somewhat different understandings of ethical behavior among businesspeople in different countries.

The use of ethics and ethical principles to solve business dilemmas is called an ethical
Multiple Choice


_______ requires individuals to follow a rigid set of rules regardless of the situation.
Multiple Choice

Ethical relativism

Ethical relativism is a theory of ethics that denies the existence of _______ moral standards.
Multiple Choice


Someone who adheres to the _______ argues that traditional moral hierarchies ignore relationships between people.
Multiple Choice

ethics of care
categorical imperative
consequentialism theory
ethical relativism theory

Which of the following considerations is not included in the “WH Framework” for business ethics?
Multiple Choice

Managerial decisions will affect particular groups of stakeholders in the operation of the firm
Managerial decisions are made in pursuit of a particular purpose
Managerial decisions are made in an attempt to circumvent the law
Managerial decisions must meet the standards of action-oriented business behavior

A problem about what a firm should do for which no clear, right decision is available is called a(n) _______.
Multiple Choice

ethical guideline
ethical dilemma
social complexity

Under deontology, _______ states that an action is moral only if it would be consistent for everyone in society to act in the same way.
Multiple Choice

the golden rule
the categorical imperative
the cost-benefit analysis
the principle of rights

The value of “security” includes all of the following alternative meanings except
Multiple Choice

access to a large enough supply of goods and services to meet your basic needs.
safety from those wishing to interfere with your property rights.
self-confidence to such an extent that risks are welcome.
a citizen’s willingness to compromise basic constitutional freedoms in return for government-provided security.

When employees in a firm asked for a pay hike, the management assessed the expenses involved in it. It realized that the shareholders and customers would have to face more negative consequences when compared to the benefits enjoyed by the employees. Thus, the management decided to introduce employee stock options in order to keep both the employees and the shareholders satisfied. Which of the following theories of business ethics does this best illustrate?
Multiple Choice

Rule utilitarianism
Ethical relativism
Ethical fundamentalism

The Corporate and Criminal Fraud Accountability Act is also known as the _______ Act
Multiple Choice


The value of _______ includes the following alternative meanings: the ability to act without restriction from rules imposed by others; the right to possess the capacity or resources to act as one wishes; and the choice to escape the cares and demands of this world entirely
Multiple Choice


All but which of the following people are affected by a firm’s business decisions?
Multiple Choice

Future generations

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