A manager versus a leader

It was interesting to see the list of differences in the lecture topic 2 notes. I agree with the part that states that relevance and balance is important. It is easy to fall more in one category than the other naturally. The quote: Managers are thought to do things right, and leaders are thought to do the right things (Bennis, 1985; Zaleznick, 1983). With that said, I think it is probably easier in my opinion to be a manager versus a leader looking at the list of differences. I say this as leadership involves change, and change is not always easy. In my opinion, the toughest ones listed would be the inspire and originate terms. I say this because it is quite notable when I come across a leader who is actually genuinely inspiring. That is something to be able to say or do something and actually inspire a change in someone else. I listed originate because the factor of change involved as well as innovation. People do not always welcome change and being innovative can be quite challenging.

While we must strive to encompass both leadership and management traits, looking internally, would you consider yourself to be more of a leader or a manager? Why?

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