Your State, Your Services

Use the Internet and locate your states (prefered) or any other states department of children and families. This may be called something different in each state, so don’t worry if the name isn’t exact. You may see department of social services, at the federal it is department of health and human services.

Once you locate the organization at the state level write a 1,050- to 1,400-word synopsis addressing the following:

Record the web address
What is the mission of the agency?
What types of services are available for families?
Are there youth facilities for children who have been in trouble?
Can one apply for benefits on-line?
Is there a number for Adult and Child Abuse and Neglect?
Does the agency have a “social media” presence? Meaning are their YouTube videos, recorded public service announcements, training for families?
Provide descriptors of the SNAP, Employment First, Refugee Resettlement and Energy Assistance programs.

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