Writing a SOAP note using at least 10 medical terms

Please read the description below and 2 attachments. Then describe a condition in a few sentences, followed by a SOAP note of the condition (from any of the chapters) using the format as described in your book and the links below and submit it under Discussions.

Afterwards, reply to at least 2 of your classmates original posts (5 pts. each) and include added information about the condition they wrote about using at least 3 more medical terms not used by them or the other people that have replied. If someone’s reply includes a question, please follow up with an answer. (don’t just say “that was a great SOAP note”, or re-iterate what they have already written about the topic).Total 30 points.

This activity is designed to have you start learning and developing written documentation skills to inform other medical professionals about a particular patient/client’s signs, symptoms, assessment and treatment plan, or prior history/treatment.

Please read the 2 attachments:

1. KNH 209 SOAP note template from WikipediaPreview the document to get an overall understanding of the process

2. My brief outline and sample of how to write a SOAP notePreview the document

Please write your SOAP note using at least 10 medical terms (underline each word you use) from the specialties in the chapters we are covering for this module. Please be accurate in your spelling and use of the words. If you have used a term correctly and in context, there is no need to give a definition of it in the sentence. While I understand you do not have the same clinical understanding or skills as a clinician, this activity is designed to show that you are integrating the information and can begin to formulate a possible scenario of a patient based on what you have learned. The Wikipedia example shows a lot of shortened formats of documentation. I would like you to write things out more clearly right now unless we have learned a particular abbreviation that you’d like to use (eg. SOB–shortness of breath) Be creative! (20 points for original post + 5 points each response to other students = 30 points in total)

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