World Literature II

Part I: Terms, Definitions, Identifications: Answer 5 of the following in a full, specific, complete short answer. 1 short answer must address Sr. Juana; 1 must address Murray; and 1 must address Moliere. neo-classicism, Sr. Juana of the Cross and Reply to Sr. Filotea, polemical treatise, Murray and“On the Equality of the Sexes,” Moliere, Tartuffe, Two Treatises of Government and John Locke, wit and satire, Age of Enlightenment, Elmire, Dorine, Cleante (40 points)

Part II: Write a well-crafted essay on two of the following topics. Refer to specific passages and use appropriate direct quotes from the text (s) in your answers. One essay must address either Sr. Juana or Moliere and one essay must address Judith Sargent Murray. (60 points)

1. Discuss and illustrate the specific ways that Sister Juana’s Reply to Sr. Filotea anticipates the ideals and principles of the Enlightenment.

2. Discuss the roles of women in Moliere’s play, Tartuffe. How do Dorine and Elmire display both intelligence and independence?

3. Discuss the different types of reason in Tartuffe. For example, which characters favor common sense, and which favor theoretical sense? What do these reasoning techniques say about the characters?

4. What is the relationship between the poem that introduces Murray’s essay and the content and themes of the essay, “On the Equality of the Sexes?”

5. Consider the ways Murray’s essay illustrates wit and humor in a winsome manner. What does she hope to accomplish by using these literary devices in her forceful and bold argument?

6. What purpose does the “supplement” or “addendum” (The Apology of Eve sub-genre) serve in this essay and its overall argument?

7. Consider the similar themes, arguments, and techniques among Sr. Juana’s 1690s “Reply” and Murray’s 1790s essay, “On the Equality of the Sexes.”

Bonus: Choose two or three significant passages from texts studied during the 1st half of the semester and reflect on why they inspire you and/or change your perspectives on

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