US Intelligence

Assignments should be 3 full pages, double-spaced, not counting the cover or reference page. Paper format: (a) Cover page, (b) Header, (c) Body. Submit your assignment by the last day of this module.

For this SLP, you will be identifying challenges to intelligence agencies and law enforcement in general concerning the gathering, protecting, and validating of intelligence nationally and internationally. Review the required reading and required website to assist you in the assignment.

1. Identify two challenges facing Homeland Security intelligence in fixing the intelligence failures that led to 9/11.

2. Identify three current challenges facing intelligence agencies and law enforcement today. Hint: In your readings, search for: Challenges and Conclusions. Give examples and what is being done to address challenges.

3. Scenario in Gang Intelligence: You are a police officer. One of your informants gives you the “heads up” that MS-13 gang members are conspiring to commit extortion from a well-known car dealer in town. This will go down on Friday. You are aware of MS-13’s history of indiscriminate violence. Your informant has been wrong before. This is the only piece of information you have at this time. What should you do?

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