Training and Development

An advertising firm wishes to develop a training and development plan. . The training plan should ensure that the business strategies and priorities are aligned. The report should capture recent trends in organizational training and explain how organizations use training to gain competitive advantage. Stakeholders within the organization are not convinced of the value of onboarding as they are interested in starting new employees as soon as possible due to organizational pressure to get mission-critical work accomplished. These stakeholders will need a business case for onboarding as well as team training and cross training.

Create a training and development plan that includes trends in training, onboarding, team training, and cross-cultural training.

Write a report of 1,000 to 1,500 words that includes the following components:

Introduction (say what you are going to say and introduce each of the topics below. Use at least one heading for this section)
Current trends in organizational training (use at least one heading for this section)
Role and importance of onboarding new employees (use at least one heading for this section)
Team training methods (Use at least one heading for this section)
Cross-training alternatives (Use at least one heading for this section)
Conclusion (summarize the main ideas of the paper and use one heading for this last section)

Paper must be written in third person (no I, me, we, you, etc.) and organized with appropriate headings in APA. Papers without headings will receive a deduction in points. Support main statements with research. Keep the citations as close as possible to the item they are citing, and list the information in references on the last slide. in addition to the textbooks, use several sources to support your work. List references in a separate page and include a title page.

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