For this task you are required to write a 1500 word essay discussing key trends in a sector of your choice (tourism, hospitality or events). Choose ONE sector to focus on and then select a SPECIFIC topic of interest to you. Some EXAMPLES of topics are listed below, but you may NOT select these exact topics. You are encouraged to select something which interests you from a professional or personal perspective. You are encouraged to visit with your course coordinator during consultation hours to determine the viability of your proposed topic.

Describe the similarities and differences between The Grand Tour and modern Contiki tours
Growth and popularity of cruise tourism: Benefits and impacts
The role of wildlife tourism in protecting the natural environment
Can the hotel sector survive the rising popularity of non-traditional forms of accommodation (e.g., Airbnb, farm tourism)?
Themed restaurants: What’s hot and what’s not?
Without customer service, hospitality is dead
Discuss the community impacts of hosting mega-events
Music festivals: Is it just about the music?
Recent trends in specialist events: Comics, Cosplay and costumes
You need to integrate the information covered in lectures and tutorials with relevant supporting sources – a minimum of 10 references is required.

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