assignment, you must identify an important debate happening somewhere within the City of Los Angeles. The debate must involve the use of private and/or public space. You can find out about such debates by looking into major and local media sources. Such debates over space are everywhere and at every scale: from the big to the very small. In the explanation and analysis of your chosen urban space debate you must do the following:

· Explain exactly where this particular debate is centered. Where exactly? Show me on a map!

· Go there and take photos. Don’t use photos from other sources!

· What are the arguments being made about this site’s use?

· Who exactly are the main players/actors in this urban space debate? (citizen groups, activists, developers, local city govt., state agencies, etc.) Don’t be vague!

· How do you identify and define these actors if they seem to fall into particular groups? Is it as simple as “pro” vs. “con”?

· Give me a small bit of history to help us understand the issue, the area, and its previous use(s).

· Who owns the space? Who uses the space? Who wants access to the space?

· Provide a comprehensive analysis of the debate. Tell me the complete story as you understand it.

· Provide your own insights on the debate.

· What could be the future impact of this space’s use if certain decisions are made? Extrapolate.

· Wrap up with a clear conclusion that restates the main points of your chosen urban space debate.

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