The Role of Language

Listen and take careful notes to the radio podcasts located in the resources above:

A World Without Words; a story about Jill Bolte Taylor

Words that will Change the World; (only listen to the first 11 minutes)

New Words, New World by Ann Senghas

Prepare to write a paper about the concepts presented in these podcasts. This is a critical thinking assignment that requires integration of various sources (that includes your own thoughts, idea and examples; it is fine to use specific personal examples) and viewpoints. Please use writing tip #3 for use of source and in paper citations/quotes.

After listening to the three podcasts, write a minimum 3 page paper with three parts (one page per part). Your paper must not exceed 4 pages total. Include a minimum of 3 sources and maximum of 4 sources. Below are the three parts:

Write a minimum of one page on the different perspectives between Jill Bolte Taylor, a woman without language and Il De Fonso, the 27-year-old deaf man without language. Jill’s experience represented a time of light and peace and II De Fonso’s represented a dark time.

Why were their perspectives so different?

Why did Il De Fonso cry?

About one page on whether or not we can think without language or words; integrate the following: use Ann Senghas comments, and consider the experience of the younger signers compared to the older signers. Refer to the comic about the hiding place and finally (the third part), go to a quiet place without distractions and try to think without using words for at least 15 minutes. Be persistent; keep trying, and then write about your experience. Also include:

What did you find most interesting from these three podcasts?

How did these podcasts change your thinking about words, language, and interpersonal communication?

Do you have a greater appreciation of words?

Remember to cite your sources and use in-text citations. Submit your work to this dropbox by attaching a Microsoft Word compatible document. (Helpful tips: You can click on the assignment title of an assignment and then click “view rubric” to see the rubric the instructor will use to assess your work. For all assignments, you will click on the assignment title to submit the work to the dropbox.)
Required Readings/Resources

Read Chapter 1: A First Look at Interpersonal Communication, and 2: Interpersonal Communication and Social Media of Adler, R. B., Proctor, R. F. (2017). Looking out, looking in (15th ed.). Cengage, Boston, MA.

Read the Bible Scripture Communication Study Sheet

Read applicable Bible passages based on assignment requirements.

Use the Blue Letter Bible web site as needed for your assignments.

Review the Critical Thinking and Resonate documents for application to assignments in this unit.

Listen to Podcasts:

A World without Words, a story about Jill Bolte Taylor

Words that change the World (only listen to the first 11 minutes)

New Words, New World by Ann Senghas


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