The Rise and Fall of the Western Front

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper that addressess the three main topics listed below:

1. Describe the development of stalemate on the Western Front by explaining the following information:

How the Western Front materialized
How and why trench warfare developed
The concept of total war
Descriptions of the battles of Verdun and Somme, including the following:
How each battle began
The geography of the battlefield
The nature of the fighting
The number of casualties
The advance or attempt to advance of the attacking force
The disposition of the forces at the end of the battle
The importance of each battle and how it relates to total war and the concept of a stalemate

2. Describe the how the stalemate was broken. Include the following:

The entry of the United States
Germany’s 1918 western offensive
The Allies’ Argonne operation

3. Describe the resolution of the war. Include the following:

Wilson’s 14 points
Political effects in countries on both sides

Be sure to include references to the course materials (textbook AND the primary sources from the MyHistoryLab.)

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