The Modern Family

Use the Internet to look up the term and concept of “modern family”. You will find there is an actual television show called Modern Family.

Consider the challenges faced by same-sex parents.

Using the framework and concept of a modern family, review the following statement:

Modern families are very diverse in structure, role delineation, and the degree to which they are accepted by broader society. For some, the act of becoming parents may involve considerable legal and medical procedures, and involvement of social service agencies.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that addresses the following topics:

How would you define a nontraditional modern family?
When you think of foster families, how do you believe foster families factor into the overarching definition of family?
What are some of the challenges that non-traditional families may face?
How do families determine what role each member will play? Who sets the rules in families?
Do you believe the amount of income in a community changes the number of services needed?
This date can be used when assessing needs of your community, how do you think it can be useful?

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