The Five Forces Model (Fundraising)

Based on Mental Heath Charities examples.

1-Mind Charity

2-British heart foundation charity.

or general exemples


100 words which section.

Competitor part is already completed.

Competitors rivalry:

Mind Charity has 154 shops across England and Wales, with 118 Local shops in England. Raising awareness of mental health creates a powerful ripple effect, chipping away at stigma and helping people to care for themselves and others. Mind’s community of campaigners is growing fast, with more and more people taking action to make sure promises to improve mental health turn into life-changing progress.

British heard foundation Charity

has 727 shops across the UK, generated 27.7 million in profit by collection, sorting and also selling approximately 73,000 tons of good over the last year. It was founded in 1961 by a group of medical professionals, who were concerned about the increasing death rate from cardiovascular disease. They wanted to fund extra research into the causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of heart and circulatory diseases. Bristish heart foundation raise money to research cures and treatments.

Buyer Power:

Clients or Donor

· Providing very good deals

· Donating more

Threat of substitutes

· More new ideas/new developments in the current charities

Supplier Power:

· Relationship between buyer and seller

· How many people they treat

Thereat of new entry

· Local authority approval

· A three-year contract with the existing charity supplier to provide support



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