Takings Sides: Is Free Economic Interchange Beneficial?

Resource: Is Free Economic Interchange Beneficial? case study.

Read the Is Free Economic Interchange Beneficial? case study from the student website.

Assume sides as a team on whether free trade, and the globalization that results, is beneficial.

Half the members of your team must take the side that the growth of economic globalization is unstoppable and that supporting growth is one of the best ways to improve global conditions.
The other half of the team should take the side that multinational corporations, government leasers, and others are engaged in a propaganda campaign to sell the world on the false promise of economic globalization.

Write a 1,750- to 2,450-word paper based on the debate that completes the following:

State the main arguments of each side, with evidence to substantiate the arguments.
Explain which side presented a stronger argument.
Analyze the implications of this debate on the opportunities and constraints of conducting business globally.

Please, makes sure your team paper reflects three separate sections as listed above, with Titled sections.

Note. Each member of the team must participate and take a side regardless of any additional responsibilities team members take on for the completion of the paper.

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