Systems Integration Wire Diagram

Advances in technology have made it possible to incorporate systems within the functions of health care to improve efficiency across an organization. Integration of functions can be incorporated in the way inventory is kept, supplies are ordered, how patients are billed, and in many other areas. Innovation is key because it drives productivity, reduces errors, and increases profitability.

Identify an area within your current organization or one in which you have worked where there is a need for systems integration that will improve quality care and outcomes in the organization.

Create a wire diagram of the area needing systems integration. Illustrate and label how the processes and functions within the chosen area are connected and how they can be integrated. You may choose the software program you use to create the diagram.

Utilize your research from the Systems Research activity and consider the below components as you develop the wire diagram:

How the system can be used to improve the organization’s processes and quality
Stakeholders that will be affected by the new integration
How and when integration will be communicated
Empowerment strategies to influence change
Leader versus manager roles during the process

Note: Reference the sample wire diagram located in Figure 14-5 on p. 361 of the Leadership for Health Professionals textbook.

Click the Chart/Matrix tab above for a link to the textbook.

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