Sustainable development Project

– 4000 words legth

– 15 sources

the structure is explained in details by the powerpoint presentation attached here.

The project to be evaluated is water sanitation in mauritius. The word document contains some sources, of which some needs to be included.
World Bank documentation:

1. Environmental Impact Assessment Report 1997

2. environmental project 1998

3. assessment

4. project evaluation by IEG:

Bellgaio criteria:


Water waste management authority:

Wastewater Management Authority

government documents
Sustainable Development


Purpose of a PED

To analyse a specific project taking place in the developing world according to clear criteria

CHOOSE: Criteria for Evaluating Sustainable Development…

CHOOSE: A Specific Sustainable Development Project from somewhere in the Developing World…

ENSURE: The evaluation is practical, based on evidence, reports, data (qualitative and quantitative)…


PED Writing Skills

It is always useful to practice working in different writing mediums…
Projects, particularly large projects,
CV Building – Writing Project Evaluations a useful skill for:

Working in international development

Working in public policy

Working for NGOs, think-tanks, advocacy networks, lobbyists

Writing in international business

Purpose of the PED

ALWAYS addressing a specific project

Not a policy, concept, ideology but a practical real-world attempt to deliver sustainable development

Project Evaluation Documents:

Before a project even begins (pre-project assessment)

During a project (mid- or ongoing-project assessment

At the end of a Project (final project assessment)

Particularly with post-project assessment

Looking for policy recommendations

Lesson-learning for similar projects

Establishing best practices

Style of the PED

Easy to use, read, understand!

A PR exercise: colours, images, catch-phrases, interesting layout and style…

Like a large policy brief…


Empirically grounded


Pie Charts

Provides realistic policy evaluations and recommendations

Style of the PED

Professional! This policy brief will end up in the public realm!!

Pages numbered, indexed

Individual paragraphs may be numbered

1.5 or 2 spaced, 12-point font

Headings, sub-headings – bolded as appropriate

Bullet point, charts & graphs, images

Spell-checked and grammar-checked

List of Acronyms or be careful to spell out acronyms

Reports are technical documents but should also be readable and accessible to the general public

Specificities of the PED


The project is central as this is what the PED is about

Brown, Green, Blue? Location?

Who is funding the project

What pre-existing reports/documents are available

Who opposes the project

Is this opposition documented?


Set this out at the start of the PED

Choose criteria that fit the project

Adapt criteria to the specifics of the project

PED Structure

1) Executive Summary
2) Evaluation Methods
3) Background brief
4) Project Assessment
5) Overall Project Assessment
6) Recommendations
7) References and bibliography

1) Executive Summary

Visually interesting

You WANT people to read your PED

Clearly set out the title of the Project being evaluated

Who is writing the PED, date of PED

Short, concise, brief summary of

The Project being evaluated

The PED’s conclusions

Outline of the core recommendations emerging from the PED

Make the PED easily accessible

2) Evaluation Methods

Define sustainable development

Does the project have its own definition of sustainability

Are you using this definition or an alternative?

Clearly set out the evaluation criteria

How are these criteria to be weighted

Explain the ICAI Traffic Lights system

Alternatives like the Wheel of Sustainability

3) Background Brief

Provides an overview of the project

What does the project intend to achieve

How does this constitute an understanding of sustainable development

What problems have been raised as part of the project

Or on similar projects elsewhere

History, Chronology

Only essential information, keep it succinct

Provide images, data if it helps clarify the project’s objectives
Provide a chronology of key events and actions

Particularly government and stakeholder actions

Legislative, Judicial and Executive decisions

Identify stakeholders

Stakeholder consultation a necessary part of project development

What problems and issues do stakeholders identify?

4) Project Assessment

Assess separately each individual criteria set out in the evaluation method

Be clear, concise, succinct

Use bullet-points if necessary!

Consider the positives and negatives

For stakeholders as well


This is not PR for the Project

This is not a Hatchet Job on the Project

5) Overall Project Assessment

Produce an overall assessment of the project

How are the different criteria weighted?

Each criteria assessment, the criteria weighting, the overall assessment all requires you to make a judgment call

This is what Project Evaluation requires

This judgement may be mixed

Strong on some points and weak on others

The point of the PED is to evaluate the project so give us your evaluation!

6) Recommendations

What Lessons can other projects learn from this project?

Positive Lessons

Negative Lessons

Are their any Best Practices which emerge from the project?
What are the main takeaways?

7) References and Bibliography

Properly referenced, endnotes, full bibliography
You might use a range of sources.

Existing Project Evaluations

(Pre-, Mid- or Post- Project)

Academic books, articles on the broader project area

Interviews, Stakeholder Consultations, Expert Witness Testimony

Journalistic Pieces

Government, Donor Publications

On-line Information Sources

NGOs or Community Group publications


There’s a lot going on… It’s all new for you but for everyone else also

Projects are complex as is sustainable development

Solve these problems with clear evaluation criteria!

General Evaluation Criteria

ICAI Assessing Effectiveness and Value for Money (4/22)

General SD criteria

Bellagio STAMP (10)

UN Indicators of SD (14/44)

Sector-Specific SD Criteria



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