Study Analysis: Testing Validity

Testing validity assesses whether research reliably measures the intended purpose of the study and produces facts that are not biased and ambiguous.

Analyze the validity of both studies you selected in Week 1.

For each article, write a response answering the questions in the following:

Box 10.1 Guidelines for Critiquing Design Elements and Study Validity in QuantitativeStudies on p. 232 of Nursing Research for your quantitative article.
Box 25.1 Guidelines for Evaluating Quality and Integrity in Qualitative Studies on p. 571 of Nursing Research for your qualitative article.
Type your answers in a Microsoft® Word document using the template provided in the Class Messages.
Include the article’s title before your answers.

Provide APA-formatted in-text citations and references for all sources. Include an APA-formatted title page.

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