Starting With the Basics

Starting with the Basics Worksheet

Log on to the student website. Explore the resources available on the site and use them to answer the following questions.

Academic Help

What are the five resources available for study in the Center for Mathematics Excellence? (Click on Library > Center for Mathematics Excellence >Building Math Confidence)

Which two reviewing services are available to students through the Center for Writing Excellence?

Which five Live Labs offer assistance with writing (Hint: Click on Library > Center for Writing Excellence >View Live Services>Live Labs)?






Which resources in the Tutorials & Guides section of the Center for Writing Excellence offer tips about how to format using APA style according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition)?








Use the following information to correctly build a reference consistent with APA guidelines:

Journal title: Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management
Article title: Private Finance Initiative in the Healthcare Sector: trends and risk assessment
Year of Publication: 2005
Number: 6
Page range of article: 601 – 616
Authors: Akintola Akintoye, Ezekiel Chinyio

Reference any book you have available. Use the proper APA formatting to reference your book. Examples and help can be found in the Library tab under Useful Links on the right side.

What are the five icon headings available in the Grammar and Writing Guides section of the Center for Writing Excellence?

Locate the definitions of active and passive voice using the Writing Style resources in the Grammar and Writing Guide. Identify which of the following sentences is written in the active voice and which is written in passive voice.

Some of the content of this document was submitted by Mary.
Mary submitted some of the content of this document.

Define plagiarism in your own words. Explain the difference between summarizing, paraphrasing, and plagiarizing. Use the Plagiarism resources in the Grammar and Writing Guides to assist you. How will you avoid plagiarism and self-plagiarism in your college work? Explain your answers in at least 100 words.

Using commas and semicolons, add the correct punctuation to the following sentences:

Karen is a knowledgeable intelligent person.
Roger left the bookstore he met the learning team at the coffee shop.

University Library

Identify Three Resources found in the University Library that are relevant to your field of study. Explain how you will use these resources during your program?

Where is the University Library Handbook located, and what is its last copyright date?

List the six mandatory fields that you need to complete when asking a question of the University Library librarian.


Course Information

How do you access weekly reading assignments for this course?

How would you post a discussion?
How would you respond to a classmate’s discussion?
How do you post a private message?

How do you locate the learning activities due in the current week and how do you know if you have completed them?

Learning Teams

What six documents are contained in the Toolkit Essentials section of the Learning Team Toolkit found in the University Library?

After reading the “Decision/Conflict Resolution” section of the Learning Team Toolkit, how would you attempt to resolve a conflict within your team when opposing viewpoints exist? Explain your answer in 50 to 100 words.

Student Services

What is the phone number for University of Phoenix Student Technical Support? Hint. Use the Help button in the top-right corner of the page and select the Knowledgebase portal.

Where on the student website would you go to change your personal contact information and manage privacy settings? Hint. Use a tab at the top of the page.

On your student homepage, locate and click the Schedule and Grades link (left side of the page under Quick Links). List your last class and how many credits it is worth.

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