Solving Union Issues

Solving Union Issues

Watch the video in Chapter 5 titled “UPS: Union Management.”

At the end of the video, you are posed with the question: What can you do as HR Director?

Write a no more than 2 page paper that addresses the question and issues presented in the video.

Demonstrate critical thinking skills while developing resolutions that effectively plan out what can be done. 

Format your paper consistent with APA 6th Edition guidelines.

Based Pay and Employee Rewards Presentation

Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation outlining performance-based total compensation plans for two organizations. The organizations must be in different industries have different employee groups and utilize different pay strategies. 

Describe the pay strategies being used. Because the organizations have different employee groups, the key objectives for each group should be different. Address how pay is used to drive organizational objectives. Include whether or not unions have a role in any of the pay strategies.

Assess direct and indirect rewards plans available to two types of employee positions. What total reward plans are offered? What similarities and differences exist among the plans? How well does each organization’s reward plan support expectations? Which organization has better aligned pay and rewards with key objectives?

Create 10- to 15-slides for the presentation, including an introduction, a conclusion slide, and a references slide. Include brief speaker’s notes, and use at least three APA-formatted sources.

Follow Guide for PowerPoint Presentations attached to this assignment.

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