Sieve of Eratosthenes algorithm

1)Write a program to find all prime numbers up to some value M, using the Sieve of Eratosthenes algorithm we discussed in class (look up details on the web)

You will be parallelizing this algorithm using MPI, OpenMP and CUDA (details will be discussed, Week 2 we will discuss MPI, others lateri.

You want to evaluate difficulty of getting it to work and how long calculating takes under different methods and on different compute platforms (single 8 core machine, a set of machines on the network, a single GPU)

2) Same as above for a parallel optimization code: downhill simplex (see description of algorithm in link to “Numerical Recipes”, above).

3) Alternative: write a program to model a cellular automaton (see links above on cellular automata). The grid should be at least 600×600, the neighborhood around each cell should be variable, allowing radius from 1 (3×3 square) to at least 3 (7×7 square centered on a cell).


result:active data and time data

write up:algorithms

software(cuda,open mp,mpi)


comment on programing



speedup or not?why?

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