Revised Learning Activity

 Revised Learning Activity

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Revised Learning Activity

Choose a learning activity that you have observed or utilized in your teaching. Using the “Revised Activity Template” and based on your required readings and what you have learned in this course, specify how you would revise this activity to incorporate cultural responsiveness. For this assignment you should:

  • Specify the grade level, content area, and other pertinent information regarding your intended students.
  • List the type of literature or other educational materials and technology that would be needed to best facilitate this revision.
  • Include a detailed description of your newly revised learning activity and how it would be carried out in the identified educational setting.

Include a 250-500 word reflection regarding how you could integrate cultural responsiveness into your teaching throughout your career. Provide examples.

While APA format is not required for the body of this assignment, but solid academic writing is expected.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.

You must proofread your paper. But do not strictly rely on your computer’s spell-checker and grammar-checker; failure to do so indicates a lack of effort on your part and you can expect your grade to suffer accordingly. Papers with numerous misspelled words and grammatical mistakes will be penalized. Read over your paper – in silence and then aloud – before handing it in and make corrections as necessary. Often it is advantageous to have a friend proofread your paper for obvious errors. Handwritten corrections are preferable to uncorrected mistakes.

The paper must be neatly formatted, double-spaced with a one-inch margin on each page’s top, bottom, and sides. When submitting a hard copy, be sure to use white paper and print it out using dark ink. If it is hard to read your essay, it will also be hard to follow your argument.

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