Retail Marketing Management


Please select ONE from the following topics:

1. Examine the approach to internationalisation that is used by Tim Horton in the United Kingdom. Assess the success and challenges associated with their internationalisation process.

2. Make a visit to a retailer of your choice. Carry out an observation audit (making notes of the way in which the retailer addresses the internal and external dimensions of the selling environment). Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the strategy adopted by that retailer. Detail the recommendations that you would make to senior management.

3. Examine the relevance of the various elements that make up customer service within physical and online retail environments. To what extent would you agree with the assertion that managing customer service is more challenging in the context of online retail environments?

4. Examine the extent to which you would agree with the view that sustainability is used by retailers as a method for generating publicity rather than an issue which should transform the way in which they do business in the international environment. Use ONE detailed case study to support your point of view.

5. Assess the dangers and benefits associated with using celebrities and social influencers as a central part of a retailer’s marketing communications strategy. Develop ONE detailed example to support your point of view.


1. The word limit is 3,000 words.
2. You are expected to make full use of academic and business references via the electronic library resources at your disposal.
3. Please adhere to the Harvard referencing system.
4. You are expected to refer to relevant retail theories, concepts and frameworks to develop your report.

Please note students must use the plagiarism software ‘Turnitin’ in advance of the submission of their assignment.

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