Research Reflection

Week 10 /11 research reading reflexion

Please submit a few sentences regarding this week chapter reading, explain what are some of the important aspects of this week’s reading, provide examples when possible. Thanks. Jorge

Ruth M. Tappen. (2015). Nursing Research. Advanced Nursing Research: From Theory to Practice. (2nd ed.). ISBN-13: 9781284048308 . ISBN-10: 1284048306 . Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

Chapter 16- internet , secondary analysis and historical research

-Recruiting Participants for Internet-Based Research

-Uses of the Internet in Research

-Quality Considerations in Internet-Based Research

Chapter 17 :intervention

-Three dimensions of interventions are:

-Intensity of care

-Focus of care

-Complexity of care

-Working with Facility Staff

-Training Interventionists


Chapter 18-Data Management

-Selecting the Software for the Database

-Database Creation

-Considerations in Building a Database

Chapter 19 -Basic Quantitative Data analysis

-Data Cleaning

-Reasons for Missing Data

-Categorizing Missing Data

-Replacing Missing Data

-Basic Descriptive Statistics

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