Research designs

Write a paper comparing at least three qualitative research designs. Each qualitative design is used for a different purpose and it is important to differentiate between the designs in order to know which design is most appropriate for you.

Discuss the research approach used in each design and when the design would be appropriate.

Address the following points in your discussion:

Type of question the design would answer.

Generally, qualitative research asks “how,” “what,” and “why” types of questions. Each design asks different types of questions based on these questions.

Type of problem the design would address.

Each design focuses on problems differently. Consider the problem and the focus of the design on the problem.

Sample size and selection.

Consider data saturation and factors that impact saturation. Some designs require a larger sample and others could have a sample size of just one.

Type of data collected.

Although there is overlap in the type of data collected, because the focus is different the type of data might also differ.

How data are collected.

Again, there is overlap, but there may also be differences in the data collection methods used in different designs.

How data are analyzed.

Some designs require analysis during the data collection process. There are different approaches to data analysis depending on design. Consider modified van Kaam for phenomenological or Yin’s approach to data analysis for case study as examples.

How results are presented.

The idea is to answer the research questions. Although there are similarities in how results are presented, because the purpose of each approach differs, results can also be presented differently.

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