Research Designs Matrix

Choose a topic in health care or health care administration to focus on.

Locate two empirical research articles on the topic; one must be qualitative, and the other must be quantitative; seek faculty approval for these (I will check only two articles at a time for the team; don’t give me a whole long list!). Do this early in the week; don’t wait till the last minute, or you may be on your own.

Create a comparison matrix that describes the components of the two research studies, including:

Problem being studied
Hypothesis / research question
Participant sample description, including any comparison groups if present
Study design
Specific data being collected, and How the data are being collected, such as questions asked, measures made, etc.
Results, and how they are described
Implications of the study

As you discuss each of the above components, be sure to point out the major differences between qualitative and quantitative designs, and the key details of the two research approaches,

In your matrix, you might have one column with the qualitative article’s specifics, one column with the quantitative article’s specifics, and a third column that points out the differences between them.

Be sure to provide citations and references, as appropriate.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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