Renovating an Ambulatory Surgical Center

In your current role as a health care manager, you have been asked to participate in the renovation of an ambulatory surgical center in Mesa, Arizona. The facility was previously used as an office space.

Part 1:

Access the SmartDraw® Program to open and save the HCS/529 Custom Layout. You will continue to use the custom office space layout during Week Three and Week Four.

Tutorials have been provided for you to practice navigating the program.
Accessing SmartDraw® on ToolWire
Loading the HCS/529 Custom Layout
Exploring SmartDraw®
Practicing Facility Design
Submitting Your Design

Use the Space Planning Excel® Spreadsheet as a guide for renovating your floor plan. You will be responsible for including all spaces within the business section of the spreadsheet whereas the clinical side is considered optional. When renovating your floor plan, remember to research and incorporate current best practices, evidence-based design principles, and other concepts you learned in this course.

Note: It will be important to work on your design each week. This design is due in Week Four.

Part 2:

When considering renovating an existing structure, there are many things to consider. Review some of the items that need to be compliant prior to the purchase. The office space meets all utility requirements, including 24-hour backup power and appropriately sized medical gas supply. The area that will be designated as a patient pick-up has an existing canopy. You will use the City of Mesa Planning Department website as reference to complete this assignment.

Write a 750- to 1,000-word paper in response to the following:

The office space is currently zoned as a business occupancy.
Identify if this building is the appropriately zoned building type for ASC in Mesa, Arizona.
Explain how you know the building is zoned appropriately.
The office space meets all parking requirements found on the Mesa Zoning Ordinance. In some cases, office spaces or other facilities that are being converted may not have the required parking spaces.
Describe at least two alternatives you would suggest to correct parking issues if your office space was not compliant.
The office space sits off the main road behind some other buildings.
As you think about your patient population, what are two pros and two cons of having a building that is not as visible from the main road?
As you begin work on this multi-week project, it will be important to develop a plan to keep you on track. Among other tasks you will complete in this project, remember to research the layout of your floor plan, proximity of space within your building, and flow for your different users (providers, patients, support staff, visitors, and family).
Create a Gantt chart that details your project tasks and timelines for the work to be completed in SmartDraw®.
List resources you will use as you start this project.

Cite 4 peer-reviewed, scholarly references to support your assignment.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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