Readiness for Change

Readiness for Change

HRM 310 Readiness for Change

Research the Internet using a search engine of your choice for internal and external data or information on one of the following companies: Uber, Verizon, Facebook, Microsoft®, Apple, Starbucks, Google™, General Motors, Amazon, Whole Foods Market, Capital One Financial, or Hyatt Hotels.

Discuss with your team how the selected company can improve within one of the following areas: customer service, employee morale, or greater market share.

Rate the company’s readiness for change using Table 4.1 “Rate the Organization’s Readiness for Change” in Ch. 4 of Organizational Change.

Replicate this chart, complete it, and submit it as an attachment to the written paper required for this assignment.

Write a 750- to 1,050-word paper, written in the third person voice, and address the following issues:

Evaluate the data to be used in internal and external organizational change management.
Describe the pros and cons of the information you gathered.
Articulate an effective improvement plan for the needed change
Discuss a vision for change, and craft a vision statement appropriate for the change sought.
Create a model to assess your company’s readiness for change. Describe your model and its components.
Include a conclusion to summarize your research and the company’s readiness for change.

Include support for your assessment by citing Organizational Change as well as a minimum of two of the Week 2 Electronic Reserve Readings sources in your paper.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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