Quantitative Spectroscope and Visible Light lab

1. Indicate the colored lines you observe in fluorescent light, street lights, car headlight, and an additional light source of your choice by creating an illustration similar to that of figure 15 in your lab. (10 points)


Data Table 1


Fluorescent   Light Image

Car   Headlight Image

Street   Light Image

Additional   Light Source


2. Calculate the frequency, wavelength, and energy for each wavelength you observed in the fluorescent and street light. (10 points)

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3. Try narrowing and widening the light inlet slit. How does this affect the spectra? Compare the thickness, resolution, and shape of the lines. (10 points)

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4. Imagine you are writing a lab report. In your own words, provide an introduction for a lab report. Include the purpose of the lab and use the background section of the experiment to help you. Feel free to find outside resources for additional information. (10 points)

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