problem faced by the city.

To get the full five points, the following criteria must be met:

-The problem must be an actual problem faced by the city. Provide a link to a news story that discusses the problem.

-The problem must be a recent problem. That is, the news story you link to should not be more than one year old.

-The problem must be something that has not been adequately addressed already by the city.

-The problem can involve something connected to Indiana University, but I suggest picking something that affects the entire city or a non-campus part of the city. I suggest this only because the city of Bloomington is limited as to what it can do on campus because of its status as state-owned property.

-The solution must involve something that city council is actually able to do something about. So, for instance, you should not recommend something like gun control, as the state makes it very difficult (and in most cases illegal) for cities to pass any ordinances relating to gun control.

-The solution should be a logical response to the problem.

-The memo should be addressed to Bloomington City Council. You can use whatever format you want, but it must be written as if you were indeed submitting it to the city council.

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